Thursday, March 03, 2005
Beware! Weapon of Mass Hysteria!

Yesterday I got an email asking me to boycott purchasing any Tommy Hilfiger products because of some racial comments he made in an interview and also on Oprah's show. I must say, it was rather convincing and the first thing that I could think is "the nerve that bastard has!" Really, Blog! You read it too and tell me...

Did you see the recent Oprah Winfrey show on which Tommy Hilfiger was a guest? Oprah asked Hilfiger if his alleged statements about people of color were true - he's been accused of saying things such as "If I had known that African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians would buy my clothes, I would not have made them so nice," and "I wish those people would not buy my clothes - they were made for upper-class whites." What did he say when Oprah asked him if he said these things? He said "Yes." Oprah immediately asked Hilfiger to leave her show.

See what I mean? So though I am not particularly crazy about his products, for that moment I swore I would not endorse anything that guy even dreams of creating. I mean how outrageous can a person be by thinking he can get away with saying anything about anyone?!?! Phew........ Breathe....... Think! Wait! If he said something this big, then shouldn't the media be all over him? And wouldn't I know of it through other means than my email?

So the ever inquisitive me HAD to Google and get to the heart of the matter. What would I do without the Internet? Anyway, sure enough there's tons of information about this. Turns out I am just like 9 years old to this "scandal"!!! It's been doing it's rounds since 1996! WOW! And someone just found the time to clue me in? What's up with that?

But you tell me Blog, do you think any of this is real? Is it all just a hoax? Can someone in Tommy's position be such an idiot to piss half the world off? I don't think so! But then how many people actually try to verify this piece of information? I mean obviously my own friend took terrible offense to it and passed it along to 6 more of us and sure enough those "other" 5 must've sent it out to their contacts. Before you know, there will be someone reading this email 10 years down the road and going hysteric! Seriously Blog, wish people acted a li'l more responsibly with this weapon called the Internet, at their finger tips.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Dolls Vs. Us

Is this sad or what?

Talking toys have become such a hit that some elderly people have embraced them as substitutes for the children who have grown old and deserted entire neighborhoods in the rapidly greying country.

The Yumel doll, which looks like a baby boy and has a vocabulary of 1,200 phrases, is billed as a "healing partner" for the elderly and goes on the market Thursday at a price of 8,500 yen (80 dollars).

Can dolls really substitute all of us? These dolls have been programmed to perform many human acts. Heck they even respond to your behavior! It's bad enough that robots are taking over our jobs, now if these guys can add emotional support, then yes my friend, the day is not too far behind when we will no longer need ourselves! AI? Was that the name of the movie where a couple adopts a robot kid? Oh that movie sucked big time! But reading this article somehow made me think of that.

It is sad though, that people should resort to dolls just to compensate the void caused by kids leaving them...

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Mr. Sleep on Strike?

I seriously think I offended some chord of my sleep Blog, 'cos he sure has gone on a strike! And he refuses to return to work unless his demands are met... which, in all honesty, I don't think have been clearly stated. I mean, everyone works a minimum of eight hour shifts right? That's what was mentioned in Mr. Sleep's offer letter as well. With a few exceptions of mid-day power naps, which have yet to be enforced!

I've been rather busy lately and so cut him some slack and shortened his work hours to oh! say about 4-5 hours? And that li'l prick doesn't show up even for that! Hmm... now I wonder if he's on strike or he's interviewing elsewhere for lack of job satisfaction? I wonder if he feels neglected or something? Should I fire him for his repeated AWOL? Or should I set up a meeting with him to discuss a compromise? Tough tough decisions! I am tired and stressed out as is and Mr. Sleep's pulled another disappearing act. Just ain't fair!

Do you even know how it feels to wake up feeling all wound up? I mean the night is supposedly meant for one to unwind and gear up for another day's battle right?. But right now, I feel like a defeated warrior. And it's only 9:30 DAMMIT!!!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Bad Moon Rising

Most people, they say, act erratic around the time when the moon decides to show herself to the fullest. It's a time when the energy levels peak and everyone is a li'l on the edge. That leads to a friction followed by arguments leading to annoyance. In other words, there is a considerably high level of lunacy in the air! Now, with an impending full moon tomorrow, would it be wise to expect any less of a drama Blog? I didn't think so either.

For now I think I will blame the state of affairs on my dear moon! Once she starts hiding her luscious self again, I think people will begin to handle themselves better. Now it's no surprise that I follow the moon pretty closely, right Blog? I mean, it's all over your name! I love the moon... and full moon? Ah! A sight I could devour forever :) But like every other object of pleasure, this one has its side-effects too. It's almost like mother nature's way of preparing us to face the fact that there really is no free lunch!

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Take control and patch 'em up!

Can't really tell what I am talking about, from the title, eh Blog? See, I am very cool that way :) I try to come up with rather discrete titles or subjects to my emails as well. At least that ensures that the readers will read it :) Just look at how far you've read into the post without figuring out what I am writing about... STILL! Alright alright! I will get to the point!

See, I woke up earlier than usual to get to work and get something done before some of those "disturbing" (it's a double innuendo here) meetings start. But our dear friends at Microsoft had something else planned for my morning here! They decided to release more patches! Umm... come to think of it, that's probably not MS' agenda but the good 'ol IT guys at our own company. They decided to run the updates on our laptops the minute we boot up. What I terribly hate about this whole process is that they don't quite tell you before seizing control over your own machine! They keep installing stuff and rebooting randomly! Frankly, my dear Blog, if that's not encroaching my privacy, I don't know what is! :-) Wonder what all those guys have access to hah?

Along the same note, why can't someone patch me up too? I am in a terrible need for an upgrade and rather vulnerable to viruses and hacks! My efficiency does not quite match what's currently out there! Why can't a newer version of me be released? Control be stolen from me, and viola! a new me is here! Wouldn't that be just wonderful? Just like people changing their avatar on Yahoo! messenger these days, I'll get a whole new look and feel :)

BTW Blog, what do you think about the avatars deal? IMHO it's a cool tool to play with, and I must admit I did! But it's not really for me :) I got rid of it just as soon as I figured out all I could do with it! There are a few on my contacts list though, that change their look every chance they get! And some of them, if you didn't know them personally, you would be so far wrong in the imagination going by their avatar choice, that it's not even funny :) Anyway, to me it's like dressing up Barbie and imagining that's you! And one must please note that akin to Barbie, these avatars do not address the obesity issue. No no Blog, I am far from being obese... it's just an observation!

Anywho, since I have been restored my powers back, I guess I should finally get back to my original plan of action from this morning! Work away Lunatix... (that's my name henceforth)

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Monday, February 21, 2005
Finding Dilbert-land

Ever feel like you were suddenly pulled out of your seat and placed into a Dilbert strip? Yeah, that's how I feel right now, Blog! And somehow it's not that funny from the inside! In fact, it's outright painful and frustrating. Exactly how many more times would the management have to deal with the exact same situations and consequences before they learn? I have a Dilbert's calendar on my desk and every morning it serves as my dose of laughter. I must say, Scott Adams is a freakin' genius! He made a fortune off the daily miseries of helpless pawns like us! It's weird though, Blog, how I felt like smacking him in the head as I got off my conference call a few minutes ago! It felt like I could see him sit there and mock me... right in my face! Hah! The nerve some people have!

Hmm... may be I should document my own stories and may be - just may be - I'd get a kick out of them in some zillion eons from now! Until then, I choose to be a disgruntled employee. And if you have a problem with that, my dear Blog, you can just shove it up whatever you come across!

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Friday, February 18, 2005
I left my heart in San Francisco... or not!

Last time I was in San Francisco, I absolutely fell in love with it! That was one of my best experiences there and I couldn't get enough of the city. So when I was asked to go there, on Valentine's Day, I didn't mind it all too much. Plus, what could possibly be better than getting away from the lousy cold weather we've been having around here, right? So I packed my bags and headed out West, albeit not very happy because it was, after all, Valentine's Day! And I didn't want to end up alone in a hotel room.

The day started off with the worst traffic one could ever ask for when trying to catch a plane! Add some torrential rains to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster! I have yet to see a city where people have mastered driving in the rain. Phew. Do you even want to get me started on Monday mornings at the airport security lines, Blog? Nah! I didn't think so either! So let's skip that part and fast forward to the part where I am thousands of feet above the mortals below fighting traffic :) It was beautiful flying over Utah... almost like someone painted the whole landscape red. Nevada and the snow covered hills was picturesque too.

I land in SFO in the same dreamy state... hail a cab and head out to work. Though it's been a while since I last visited SF, it all felt so familiar. Yeah! I really loved it last time I was there :) The day seemed a bit cloudy but I was happy to be there. I was even hoping to steal a few nice pictures once I got out of work. HAH! Little did I know that that cab ride would probably my best moments for the next four days!

My day turned topsy turvy within a few hours. All hell broke loose at work, weather sort of decided to be a bitch, my stomach felt like throwing temper tantrums and put me in endless agony, and the cab guys randomly decided to take the roads we were on, off their maps! It was probably my worst Valentine's ever! Most painful too :( And I mean physically painful. I kicked myself a million times for forgetting my Advil but thank you -- Lady-in-the-restroom for giving me Aspirin!

The rest of the trip pretty much shared the same note Blog! What a bummer!? It was cold and wet and yuck! I mean I was at the bay and could not even get to walk out or get a glimpse of the splendor I so longed to capture on film -- of course, that is assuming I would have a breather from the never ending meetings. Yeah sure! That's gonna happen!

Sigh :( There was something else that I experienced for the first time. Jet lag! I've been to all sorts of time zones - Europe, Asia, India -- you name it! I've never felt this way before! I could not, for the life of me, get myself to sleep past 4:30! How sick is that?!? Can I tell you something though Blog? I think it's my age finally catching up with me :( This third decade of my life doesn't seem to be sitting too well with me, eh Blog?

As for San Francisco... we'll have a better date at a later time. For now, I am just glad to be home :)

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Apple a Day?

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I would like to bring a few things of interest to your attention. NYC is such a heavily travelled city that it cannot afford to have any of the escalators in public places NOT work! Do you know how painful it is to walk down a thousand stairs at LaGuardia with luggage? And then take a Subway only to realize the up and down escalators are BROKE?!?! Yay! Great! You walk down another thousand stairs and climb up a million... still lugging your stuff along! Bad NYC, bad! Is this how you behave with guests? I am sorry Mr. Mayor, but I think that's plain mean! It's been one of my biggest grouses with Penn Station forever now. LaGuardia, sadly, just added itself to the list :(

And what's with all the cabs changing shift AT rush hour?!?!? It's practically impossible to find a cab without an "Off Duty" sign lit up around that time! C'mon! It's rush hourdammit! You can't do that! Especially not if the temperature has anything less than 2 digits in it or has that dreaded minus sign in front of it!

Oh! and would it kill ya to mandate the presence of Starbucks in every building? They're at every corner anyway! They sure can have some more! Its pretty evident they're needed too at places where you have those never ending lines. It would be kind if you could enforce call-in delivery for Starbucks when the aforementioned temperature conditions apply.

And can someone please tell me what the hell that installation at the atrium behind Trump Towers is? Please do not tell me that is art cos it AIN'T!!! Bach!?! Excuse me! That's not how Bach sounds! Now I don't mean to trivialize the effort that went into building it, but is it really worth it?

Yours Painfully,


Phewwwwwwwwww.... as you can tell Blog, it's all about the rough times in Big Apple!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
World of options

J just got 500 options of his company's stock as a bonus! So yaaaaay for that :) Good job dear! And now to the real stuff. How on earth are companies getting away with this bs exactly??? They know giving hard cash as a bonus means a real trade -- they give and we get. This options crap is all nonsense. You have an option to buy the stock if you wish! Yeah! Like I'd want to say "Oh! Thank you but I don't want the bonus money. You seem to be more in need of it than me!" No seriously Blog! What does it mean that I have an option of buying it later? What the hell are you giving me?

And oh! did I mention they're not "vested" for another three years? Oh we love the work you've done and the effort you put in this year and so we want to thank you for that 3 years later! WTF is that? 3 years! Yeah sure he'll stick around that long! In all honesty Blog, I think that is what these companies are counting on.

a) The recipient would not be around to actually exercise his options

b) The stock price won't really be that much higher than the strike price and so the recipient can't justify spending that crazy cash to buy a falling stock!

c) Revisit the offer 2 months before 100% vesting and if both the conditions above fail, then announce a downsizing and let go of the recipient.

I want my bonus dammit! And I want it right now! When it comes to busting my chops, I don't give you "options" to exercise it later. Do I? So now, be good and fair!

P.S.: If you haven't figured it out already my dear Blog, I have a fair deal of options myself!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Good News!

Yo! Blog! Remember Beth and Chris I mentioned a while ago? Guess what??? They're gonna have a baby soon :) I am so happy for them! They're going to have a cool kid just like them! Congratulations you two! For you've been blessed with something not everyone is as fortunate to have! Are you wondering why I say that Blog? Well, that's because I came across two other blogs of women who have tried getting pregnant (or TTC, as they say) for almost four years now! All the gruelling experiences of what they've been through is just a humble reminder of how, many of us take certain things for granted. A woman is, by default, expected to be ready to have babies at will. It is very sad when such a deep rooted belief is uprooted for a woman. I know Beth and Chris have battled this for a little bit too and they know what they've just achieved! Good luck you both :)

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